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Top Bridesmaids Gifts in Singapore ($50 & below)

Top Bridesmaids Gifts in Singapore ($50 & below)


  • Personalised Jewellery ( $31 to $50 )

Shopping for bridesmaids gift in Singapore can be quite a hassle as you have to visit different shops to get different items e.g gift box and gift bag. With ZTYLECO, you can save time because they handle it all from the beginning to the end (providing complimentary gift box and gift bag). All you need to do is just a few clicks, and they will deliver the products that you have ordered to you for your bridesmaids. It is definitely a thoughtful gift for your bridesmaids to thank them for helping out on your wedding. 




Customised bridal robe in singapore

  • Personalised Bridal Robe ( $32.90)

Are you planning for an upcoming Hen's night party in Singapore for your girlfriend? And you have yet to decide on what's the theme for that night? Here's an idea for you! Mikayla.sg personalise bridal robe for bride-to-be and bridesmaids. We provide all-in-one service as well providing complimentary gift box and gift bag for every purchase. Bridal robe packages available (4-8 bridesmaids) with FREE bridal robe for Bride-to-be. Prices starts from $19.90 per robe.


 Affordable bridesmaids dress in singapore

  • Bridesmaid Dress ( $29.90 (Rental) / $39.90 (Purchase )

At every wedding in Singapore, bridesmaids will be seen dressing up for their best friend's wedding. It is quite a common sight to see that they are all in a same coloured dress. Instead of getting them the common dress in the market, why not dress your entourage in floor length dresses that are more unique. Mikayla.Sg introduced a one piece floor length dress with dual colour, making it as though it is a two-piece dress. Creating a "pop" colour to your wedding photo and creating a memories of a lifetime. 




Ombre customised pouch

  • Ombre personalised pouch ($26.00)

Having a tighter budget for bridesmaids gift? Not to worry, at mydreamvibe.co they offers personalised gift at an affordable price. With less than $30, you can get a gift with complimentary gift box for your bridesmaids. These personalised pouches are suitable to put your daily makeup necessities.






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