Chelsea Curved Hem Top in Camel Brown


The padded curve hem top is a fashionable and trendy item that can accentuate your curves and waistline. The curve hem design helps to contour and highlight your natural curves, while the padded feature adds extra volume and creates a flattering silhouette.

Made of Cotton Spandex, fully lined. Slightly stretchable, comes with concealed side zip.

Chelsea Curved Hem Top in Camel Brown comes with padding

Model: Jina UK 4 175cm, PTP 14.5” , Waist 11.5”, Hips 17” Wear XS

Live Model: Audrey UK 4 168cm (XS), Frederica UK 6 163cm (S), Jennifer UK 8 160cm (M).

SIZE XS (UK4) S (UK6) M (UK8) L (UK10)
PTP 13.5” Stretchable up to 14.5” 14.5” Stretchable up to 15.5” 15.5”Stretchable up to 16.5”

16.5” Stretchable up to 17.5”

Waist 11” Stretchable up to 12” 12” Stretchable up to 13” 13” Stretchable up 14”

14” Stretchable up to 15”

Length 13.5" 14" 14.5" 15"

Measurements are taken on one side, laid flat on the ground.